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“One aspect of Lynn's workstyle that I believe to be a key strength for her is that in addition to being a great writer, she has excellent business and market dynamic instincts. She consistently and proactively seeks more information, context and perspective around whatever topic, business or industry she is working with - which gives her writing and more top-level marketing contributions and insights much added value.

Lastly, Lynn is consummately professional and diligent, and also brings a positive attitude and great wit into the workplace everyday - making her a much welcome asset to any team she joins.”

— Jennifer Root, Director of Marketing Strategy, Ascensus 

"Lynn is a true team player! She's a personable, approachable manager who openly demonstrates transparency and support for her team. Her meetings are organized and well planned for optimum outcomes and respect for the team’s time. She clearly communicates target expectations, and is always timely and relevant with company updates that may impact the team’s workload. 

Lynn goes out of her way to alleviate and correct out-of-process events that may unnecessarily side-track or compromise timely, quality creative output from the team. It was refreshing to work with a manager that tirelessly championed her staff, and was quick to praise and acknowledge team successes!

— David Woodruff, Creative Manager, Qualcomm

Lynn, writer extraordinaire and master of words, was promoted to lead the writers within Teradata Creative, our in-house creative agency, shortly after I joined the company. 

Immediately, under Lynn’s leadership, a clear process for delivering world-class quality content, across a variety of mediums, was successfully put in place. Lynn is an exemplary manager of people and projects. Her keen ability to understand what the client needs, foresee opportunities for more impactful outcomes, and identify potential roadblocks - allows her and her team to hit the ground running on any project, often completing them ahead of schedule and exceeding client expectations. 

She communicates openly and effectively, provides constructive feedback, and is always helpful to the writers and designers who seek her guidance on new ideas and concepts. Lynn’s fun, approachable and outgoing personality inspires team work and freedom for creativity to thrive, making it a real pleasure to be on her team!

— Lola Tam, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

It has been an honor to work with Lynn for the past two years. During this time, she wrote numerous social media copy for organic and paid. Her creative input is strategic and simply one of the best I have seen. Her writing always made me feel excited about what we were executing for our brand. Any team would be lucky to have Lynn!"

— Kristine Ostil, Digital Marketing Lead, Sempra

“I would recommend Dodds without reservation for any job that requires out of the box creative. She is a thorough researcher (intentional about deployment strategies, intended audience and currents trends) and passionate about her work. Most importantly, she is a great writer. Fresh, brash, unique. Use her!”

— Court Patton, Art Director, Teradata

Lynn is a very talented writer who brings both a strong background in creative copywriting and an in-depth understanding of business goals and needs.”

— David Cole, Principal UX Design, Amazon

I worked with Lynn at back in the day - an extremely hectic environment as we were in full startup mode. Her upbeat attitude made the tough climate enjoyable. She is a true team player.”

— Jean Clark, Marcom Manager, BJ's Wholesale Club

I developed a tremendous amount of respect for Lynn during the 4 years that I worked with her on our creative team. Lynn’s clever, bold, and challenger writing style brought our company voice to life, rivaling the work of our best agencies. In addition to her brilliant creative, she was an advocate for our team and for our creative process. She took the initiative to coach our clients on providing complete statements of work and ample time for our team to develop creative. I admire Lynn for her creative prowess and her genuine care for our team.”

— Shaina Meyers, Art Director, Teradata